Charlie Hall – Charlie was converted in 1986 while participating in a Navigators 2:7 course at his new wife Donna’s request.  About 7 years later, he began to embrace the doctrines of grace in a workplace Bible study led by a current member of our church.  He came to the church in Louisville in 1997.   He was ordained to the eldership in May of 2008 and continues to learn of God’s amazing grace in his life and the lives of His people.  He and Donna have been blessed with an adopted daughter before being surprisingly and abundantly blessed with three boys.

Jim Savastio – Jim has been with RBC since 1990.  He was set aside by the church for full time ministry in November of 1991.  Jim was brought to faith as a teenager and soon began to experience a desire to preach God’s Word.  He trained for the ministry at Columbia Bible College in Columbia, SC (now Columbia International University) and at the Trinity Ministerial Academy in Montville, NJ.  He married his wife, Becky in 1989 and they have been blessed with three daughters and one son.

John Grevious – John was drawn savingly to Christ in 1978.  He spent many years after conversion seeking and studying the Word of God through several churches.  He was given writings on the doctrines of grace and began to love and embrace them in 1990.  He came to RBC of Louisville in 1996 and then was ordained to the elder ship in 1998.  He and his wife Venessa are blessed with a son and daughter as well as four grandchildren.

Derek Reid – Derek was born and raised in Oklahoma and came to Christ at an early age. During his first year of college, he began to wonder if the Lord was preparing him for pastoral ministry. He described his “call” at that time along the lines of Ezra 7:10: to seek, do, and teach the Word of God. He moved to Louisville in 2013 to study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and, shortly after, began to attend The Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville. After serving the church as a full-time pastoral intern for one year (2017), he was ordained to the eldership in February of 2018, just a few months before he and his wife, Katia, were married.