A Welcome from Pastor Jim Savastio

On behalf of the church and its leadership, I want to welcome you to our website. It is our hope to meet you in person as we worship the Lord on the Lord’s Day or as we gather to pray on Wednesday evenings.

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Announcement – Covid19

Dear Brethren,
I want to begin by thanking you for your many tokens of encouragement and support for us as we have prayed and labored to reopen the church. 
God willing, we are planning on having our first gathering in two months this Lord’s Day morning, May 17.  

There will most likely be some trial and error and adjustment as we move forward. It is possible that there will be additional guidelines from the government in the days ahead  that we will need to consider.
We have taken an overall cautious and conservative approach in these matters. We believe that the law of God requires us to do all things lawful to preserve our lives and the lives of others.  There is, however,  no way that we can gather that will be free of risk.  
We are seeking to minimize and mitigate risk.  We cannot eliminate risk.  
We realize that this reality will require some to continue to worship at home utilizing the livestream.  We will continue to livestream both services.  We do not want anyone to be pressured into meeting.  You have a responsibility before God to act as you deem best for your family.
We want to encourage the most vulnerable among us to utilize the ability to worship at home.  
If you are not feeling well, please stay at home.
If any in your family have a fever or have had a fever in the days leading up to worship, please stay home.  If you are in doubt, please take your temperature and the temperatures of family members on Sunday morning and act accordingly.
If you know that you have had contact with anyone who has tested positive for the corona virus, please stay home until given the all clear. 

We have talked through the guidelines provided by the state of Kentucky and are striving to implement them practically into our worship on the Lord’s Day with a good conscience before God and men (2 Cor 8:21).
If you have read the government guidelines they are recommending no more that 33% of the building’s capacity per service.  This will allow us to have 130 maximum at any service.
We have decided to have two services in the morning open for attendance. These services will be the same. The same scripture reading and the same sermon will be preached at both AM services.
We are sending out a separate survey today which will allow you to choose which service you would prefer to attend.  We urge that respond to the survey as soon as possible.
 The public worship services will last for one hour.  
The first will go from 9:30 to 10:30 and the second service will go from 11 to 12.  
We will utilize the sanctuary for the 9:30 service and the fellowship hall for the 11:00 service.  When one part of the building is in the use, the other part of the building will be closed.  
We will have the chairs spread out in both meeting places to allow for proper distancing.

The chairs will be thoroughly sanitized before the next gathering.
We will strive to keep family units in mind in preparing the seating.  
Please sit with those with whom you have been in contact. 

In reference to the use of masks:  We realize that some have strong thoughts about the propriety and necessity of a mask.  The guideline released by the state of Kentucky says, “Places of worship should ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that clergy, staff-employees, volunteers and congregants wear coverings (e.g., cloth mask or a bandanna) over their mouths and noses while attending services.”We realize that some cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.  As we will have some brethren who will be most comfortable wearing a mask and whose peace of mind will be aided by others wearing a mask, we encourage the use of a covering if possible.  The preachers and those who lead in worship will not be wearing mask while speaking from the pulpit.
We plan to sing following the preaching.  We will  limit our singing to two hymns.  We will be dismissed immediately after the last hymn and prayer.  We believe that this will both minimize risk and allow us obey the command to sing congregationally.  
We will need to exit the building as swiftly as we can.   We may have the deacons dismiss by row.  
We want to encourage those who attend the first service to clear the parking lot no later than 10:45 and those who attend the 11:00 to leave the parking lot by 12:15.  
All access doors will be propped open.
We will have sanitizer available at all entrances.

Note well:  there can only be one person in the bathroom at a time.  Please be thoughtful of this in your preparation for attendance (ie, ‘go’ before you come).  If possible avoid the bathrooms.  There will be only one stall available which will need to be cleaned after each use.  We will have wipes available to cleanse all contacted surfaces.
There will be no nursery for the next few weeks.
We will not have Sunday School for the time being.
We will continue to zoom our prayer meetings through May to minimize our contact.
We hope that smaller groups, such as the Titus 2 breakfast, men’s prayer, and the ladies’ book study can resume meeting at the beginning of June.

We long for the time when we will meet and worship as we once did.  We especially long for the time when all of us will worship together in one service.